Keep Moving…

Today is an exciting day in the life of our organization, Growing Leaders. After more than two years of dreaming, planning and working, we are launching a completely new website. Here are some benefits I think you’ll enjoy:

* Clean layout, and easier navigation.

* Lots of free content and videos.

* Simple store interface—easy to find and purchase helpful resources.

* Sections of the site designed specifically for you—whether you’re an organization leader, mentor, parent or student.


Our Message

We’re aware that depending on who you are, you perceive us differently. Some of you see us as parenting advisors; some see us as a leadership development resource, others see us as Generation Y experts, and still others as educational consultants. Our goal, in fact, is to resource each of these communities.  As part of this redesign, we have refined our core message at Growing Leaders:

Growing Leaders. Keep Moving.

Adults have prepared the path for the child, not the child for the path and now students are getting stuck.

We are a movement of organizations, mentors and parents working together to get students moving again. 

We exist to turn ordinary students into growing leaders who will transform society. 

You are the solution. We can help. 

We want to invite you to be part of the movement to raise up the next generation of leaders. Here are some ways we can help:

Free resources


Habitudes for Athletes



Special thanks to Root Radius—we appreciate you guys helping us create this site!

Keep Moving…