It Was My Pleasure….

Have you ever been a part of a project that required intense focus and labor, but afterward you wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world?
Last Thursday and Friday, our organization, Growing Leaders, hosted our 2009 National Leadership Forum. I would describe it with the words above. Our theme was: “Niche: Equipping Students to Find Their Place in the World.” We hosted over 150 school administrators, faculty, campus staff, and youth workers from across the nation in Atlanta, and heard from authors like Dr. Neil Howe (Millennials Rising), Mark Bauerlein (The Dumbest Generation), Steve Moore (The Dream Cycle), Tim Tassopoulos (Putting Your Strengths to Work), Jerry Pattengale (The Purpose Guided Student) and others.
Here are some of the highlights from the Forum…
* Neil Howe suggested we work with the Helicopter Parents and the Idealistic Students 
          instead of becoming frustrated with them. Don’t try to change them–work with them.
* Mark Bauerlein suggested schools aren’t preparing students for the real world, so we
           must build a bridge for them via trust. Faculty must invite students into a relationship.
* Jerry Pattengale suggested students use the Wedge Principle and narrow their field of 
           interest. They often must become dissatisfied before they can find satisfaction in a major.
* Steve Moore told us our growth is tied to relationships, events, books and experiences.
          The more we can capitalize and be intentional about tying them to our dream the better.
* Tim Tassopoulos reminded us our greatest potential for growth and for finding our niche
           is in our natural area of strength. When we find that, discovering our niche will follow.
Some good news. Several attendees said they would love to get the “Niche Package” at the Forum but could not because their budget year begins July 1st.  The package included:
1. DVD Kit entitled: “The Life You Were Meant to Live” 
2. The Workbook, “A Life of Influence” 
If you would like the special price we offered at the Forum for this package, we will extend the offer during the month of July only.  It is a $72 retail price. Our special price is $40.
Or, you can get a Teacher Package: The “Life You Were Meant to Live” DVD and ten (10) books (A Life of Influence). The retail price is $135. Our special price is $100.
Whether or not you attended, we are offering this special for the month of July. Just call Gabe: (678) 367-4189. It’s your call.
May you help the young leaders around you find their “niche.”

It Was My Pleasure....