Is Technology Helping or Hurting?

I want to hear from you. This is a question that tens of thousands of people, young and old, are debating today: is technology helping or hurting our relationships?

Fact: According to a nationwide survey by RSCG, 50% of Americans say they know someone whose relationship started with on-line interactions. 53% believe on-line is normal or mainstream.

Fact: 64% say they believe the Internet has made it easier for people to cheat on their partners and 31% say they know someone whose relationship ended because of their on-line actions. This may be both an Internet “affair” or pornography.

A growing number of teens and young adults say they’ve never had sexual contact with another person according to the largest federal report to date. Among teenagers (ages 15-17) 58% of girls and 53% of guys say they have not had sexual contact, up almost 10% from five years ago. Many of them say internet exposure helped prevent them from doing it. Hmmm. I think this can be very positive.

At the same time, cyber bullying is growing and breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend through a text (instead of a face to face conversation) is up as well. This is not good for our relationships.

Let’s start a conversation: do you think technology has been more of a help or more of a hindrance to the quality of our relationships?


Is Technology Helping or Hurting?