Inspired at Auburn…

Every now and then, you just get inspired.

Last Thursday, I spoke at a leadership conference at Auburn University. It was hosted by student leaders on campus for potential Auburn students coming from high schools all over the South. Four of us from our “Growing Leaders” office drove over from Atlanta to be part of this. We suspected this would be a well organized event, as all of our encounters with these student leaders had been very positive.

We didn’t realize just how organized they were. When we arrived, we discovered dozens of students greeting attendees, offering any help they could for those of us who were new on the campus. They smiled, provided the necessary information and tech help and then, literally carried our materials into the building and hosted us from beginning to end. Margaret, a sophomore, was the Mistress of Ceremonies. Her team had put this whole event on as busy, full-time students and it came off with excellence. It was perfect. We felt we were served by these students even more than we served them.
Our team conversed on the way home how this event led by students was far better than many others we’ve done hosted by adults.
The Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army recently said: “This class of students (at West Point) is the most inspired and the most inspiring group of leaders he has seen since 1945.”
Auburn helped restore my hope in tomorrow’s leaders. Every now and then, you just get inspired.
War Eagle.

Inspired at Auburn...