Inseparable (Part Seven): Relationships

Inseparable (Part Seven)
Nine Elements You Cannot Separate From Healthy Leadership

Over a nine day period, I’m blogging about nine ingredients that cannot be separated from quality leadership. Like the Green Hornet and Kato—they just go together. Any leader without them is incomplete or unhealthy. Since my blog posts are about leading the next generation, I’m hopeful these short articles will help you deepen your effectiveness as a leader, parent, coach or teacher.

Today, let’s look at the element of relationships. Someone might argue that you can be a good leader without being good at relationships. My response to this is—maybe, but not for long. Healthy people just don’t stick around a leader who is relationally retarded. Leaders with low emotional intelligence eventually sabotage their relationships with their team. Paychecks might keep those team members around for a while, but few are willing to endure a damaging environment just for money.

Healthy leaders become good at people skills. They deepen their emotional intelligence:

  1. Self awareness.
  2. Self management.
  3. Social awareness.
  4. Relationship management.

In doing so, they retain good team members and those team members appreciate in value. Quality leaders build these skills in themselves:

  1. They’re a host. (They take initiative with others).
  2. They’re a doctor. (They know how to probe with good questions).
  3. They’re a counselor. (They know how to actively listen and empathize).
  4. They’re a tour guide. (They can take someone on a journey and succeed).

So here are my questions for you:

  1. Have you ever sabotaged a relationship because of poor people skills?
  2. Do you diminish your influence because you can’t relate well with others?
  3. Where are you strong? Where are you weak in your relational skills?
  4. What action step must you take to deepen your relationships with others?


Inseparable (Part Seven): Relationships