I’m Working on a New Book…Wanna Help?

There’s been a fire burning inside of me for more than two years. As I travel, I hear so many complaints and compliments about this next generation of kids. Some call them Millennials, others call them Generation Y, the Digital Generation, Sunshine Kids, MTV Generation, Screenagers, et all.

What strikes me is the disparity on the comments I hear. Many adults believe they are the greatest generation. The Chief of  Staff of the U.S. Army recently said: “This class of Cadets is the most inspired and inspiring group of young men since 1945.”
Others believe they are the dumbest generation. They are slackers, gamers, feeling entitled, and delaying their adulthood…even after college. Mark Bauerlein, an Emory professor and a new friend of mine even wrote a book about them called: “The Dumbest Generation.”
So, I have a question for you.  What do you think?  Can you take a moment and share with me what makes you most excited about this new generation of kids and what makes you most concerned?  Just blog your thoughts and be sure and let me know who you are. We may just co-write a book together.  :o)

I'm Working on a New Book...Wanna Help?