I’m Curious to Get Your Feedback to a Question…

I have been musing over a question posed to me today by an attorney in California.

I want to pose the question to you and get your response to it. I am desperately curious to read what you have to say.  As you consider young people today (Generation Y), you would likely agree there are both good and bad qualities they possess, just like any generation of youth. They have some habits, attitudes and lifestyles that contain an “upside” and a “downside” to them. Here’s my question.
What do you predict for their future?  As you peer out, let’s say, twenty years–to the year 2030–what do you see in their future as adults?
I’d like to know three positive predictions you would make and three not-so-positive predictions you’d make about how kids today will think and act in the year 2030.  Can you give me your thoughts here? Considering the impact of texting, video games, Facebook, twitter, Second Life, etc…what will life look like twenty years from now if things don’t change much in these young people?
I can hardly wait to read what you write. I will let you know why later.
Thanks a million. Or, since we are in a recession…thanks a trillion.  :o)

I'm Curious to Get Your Feedback to a Question...