I Just Twittered…

I can’t believe it. I just did something that two years ago I said I would never do. I twittered. Yep. I got my son, Jonathan, to help me set up an account and I twittered. Believe it or not, the first twitter I replied to, at his request, was actor Hugh Jackman. He was having a little contest and I wanted to participate. It is amazing what will motivate a forty-something to twitter.

It leads me to this thought. I told myself I would never twitter because I don’t really care to know the ins and outs of anyone’s life enough to hear from them daily–sometimes multiple times a day–that they are jogging in Florida or that they love pepperoni pizza a lot. Don’t get me wrong. I love many people, but my love doesn’t drive me to want to know these details about their day. To add to that, I cannot imagine anyone wanting to know what I am doing, each day. But, alas some do. I have been requested by others to twitter because they want to “follow.”  I don’t think it’s wrong. I just don’t understand it. Remember–I am a forty-something.
Yesterday, I was with some cool people at the University of Mobile, and someone suggested that Facebook may be on it’s way out for the millions of students who now use it. Why you may ask? Because it’s now overused. Everyone is on it, including their parents. Twitter may be the new way to contact this generation.  But that sort of makes sense. Communication is timeless. We will always find ways to communicate. How we communicate will change based on what we deem as efficient and “cool.”  Think about it. At one time, it was letters. Then phone calls. Then faxes. Then email. Then I.M. Then texts, Skype, Facebook…and now, my personal favorite, Twitter.  :o)
Can I ask you your thoughts on this. Am I strange?  Do I just need to get with it? I mean, I study Generation Y and all the trends that surround their lives, for Pete’s sake. I am no stranger to the trend. I just don’t see it the way so many others do. But, I may be slow. Remember, I am a forty-something.

I Just Twittered...