I Got to See a Movie This Weekend…

Thanks to all of you who responded to my first blog, last week. It’s good to see how many of you are reading, and to see the caliber of books you are consuming.
Hey, I got to see the movie “Defiance” on its opening weekend. Great true story about a Jewish resistance against the Nazi regime during World War II in Belarus. In the story, Daniel Craig plays the role of Tuvia, a self-appointed leader of this group of refugees. His brother, Zus, had some of his own ideas on how this group should be led. Without their leadership–the situation would have been chaotic. This Jewish cadre of people lasted more than three years in the woods, creating a hidden community and surviving both the German and Russian military opposition. Their survival was a small miracle.
What struck me was how leaders emerge during times of crisis like this. I plan to do a Leadership Link article on this soon. It seems as though some lead because the are GIFTED to lead; some lead because they find themselves in a SITUATION that matches their identity and intuition; some lead because they are given a POSITION of authority and this enables them to step up and lead; while others lead because a CRISIS summons them into courageous decisions.
How did you first discover you had some leadership gifts in you? How did you get summoned into a leadership role? Have you observed any other pathways that call young leaders out to influence people?  Let’s talk about it.

I Got to See a Movie This Weekend...