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How to spot talent and develop leaders with Dayton Moore

Last month, I was able to spend time at spring training providing leadership coaching for several major league baseball teams. These teams are incredible examples of organizations who want to not only develop great ballplayers but also great leaders. I had the opportunity to interview Dayton Moore, General Manager of the Kansas City Royals and asked him to share a few thought on how to develop talent in the next generation.

dayton moore


Help the next generation reach their ceiling by making good choices

When they know that the leadership team is on board and aligned, they will will follow

How to spot and develop talent

1. A passion for what they do

2. Intentional about constantly learning

3. Apply moral principles in their lives

4. Work on the fundamentals and the particulars will follow

What are some other ways to spot talent and develop leaders in the next generation?

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How to spot talent and develop leaders with Dayton Moore