How Much Do You Believe?

I have been asking myself a question for years that I’d like to ask you.

How much do you have to believe in something before you talk to someone about it?

Seriously. That question is a great grid for determining how deeply you believe in an idea or a principle or a person.

Pause for a moment and think about it. You would likely never talk to a stranger downtown in a big city—unless you lost your child and can’t find them anywhere. Suddenly, you’ll talk to anyone who will listen and help.

You probably wouldn’t talk to a person who lived in another neighborhood that you’ve never met, unless you saw their house on fire. Suddenly, it changes everything. You would gladly find a way to intrude and warn them.


The reason you would talk to those people is because you feel strongly about your child and about the safety of people. That is a conviction in your life. Convictions are deeper than ideas or opinions. They are strongly held beliefs that you take action for, and perhaps would even die for.

I feel strongly about a few things. My relationship with God. My passion for students. The importance of building healthy leaders. So, I talk about them and I act.

What do you believe in? How much do you believe?


How Much Do You Believe?