How is Generation iY Different?

I am hearing folks ask me these days: How is Generation iY different than the earlier students in Generation Y? Aren’t they just the same kids, but with more technology? What distinguishes them?

Good questions. Let me attempt a rapid response below.


1. Born in the 1980s                     1. Born in the 1990s

2. Highly compassionate               2. Low empathy

3. Activists                                   3. Slack-tivists (Want to be involved a little)

4. Technology is a tool                   4. Technology is an appendage to my body

5. Passionate about a cause           5. Fashionate about a cause (If my friends do it)

6. Civic minded                              6. Self-absorbed

7. Ambitious about the future           7. Ambiguous about the future

8. Accelerated growth                     8. Postponed maturation

I still believe in these kids. I continue to believe they can and will change the world. However, they will do so if we, the adult generation, figure out how to connect with them and guide them into the future.


How is Generation iY Different?