How Can We Expect Kids to Obey?

I had a hilarious epiphany recently, while talking to a colleague about kids today. It dawned on me that parents and teachers expect kids to obey and do what’s right, when all we seem to celebrate in our culture is…well…outliers. Even rebels. Just consider the heroes or role models they admire when very young. It’s quite amusing.

A friend, David O’Conner, reminded me of this world kids grow up in today. How can we expect kids to listen to their parents when…

  • Tarzan lives half naked
  • Cinderella comes home at midnight
  • Pinocchio lies all the time
  • Aladdin steals for a living
  • Batman drives at 200 mph
  • Sleeping Beauty is lazy
  • Arial disobeys her father and wins
  • And Snow White lives with seven guys.

We shouldn’t be surprised when kids misbehave…they get it from their storybooks!

I’m just having fun with you.  Or…is this something we should think about?


How Can We Expect Kids to Obey?