Hot Potatoes We Don’t Want to Touch

Have you ever noticed — certain topics are never discussed at work?

What’s funny is… nearly everyone’s thinking about them.

They could be mammoth and problematic… but because they’re sensitive issues, people are afraid to talk about them. They are like a “hot potato.” Nobody wants to touch them or at least, hold them for very long.

I do leadership training full time. I love it. Yet, I have been invited to organizations, companies and schools, and have been asked not to bring up some of these “hot potatoes.”

It’s OK. I understand — perhaps the executives didn’t want to cover those issues at the time. I suspect, however, that they’ll never cover them. They’re afraid to. I believe that leaders who fail to address issues like these can diminish trust among their teams. It seems everyone is aware of the problem except the leader. When leaders do address them, it actually enhances teamwork, trust and synergy. Just displaying the courage to tackle them can deepen respect for the leader. But, alas, few talk about them.

This year, I decided it’s time to do something about this. I want to help leaders and teams wrestle with some of these tough leadership and relationship issues in a healthy way. In 2011, our Leadership2Go theme will be: “The Elephant in the Room.” We’ll wrestle with some of today’s most difficult leadership topics, and provide solutions to the dilemmas they represent.

Topics Include:

1. Incompetence – How to influence a weak or poor supervisor above you.
2. Friendly Fire – What to do when you can’t stand a colleague.
3. Favoritism – What to do when you’re not flavor-of-the-month with the boss.
4. Teflon Vision – How to respond when teams don’t catch or own the vision.
5. Gender Frustrations – How to deal with challenges in the opposite sex.
6. Sideways Energy – How to focus when everyone has a different vision.
7. Herds – What to do when you’re stuck in the middle of the pack.
8. EQ Problems – How to handle colleagues with low emotional intelligence.
9. Lethargy – How to lead when you’d rather leave.
10. Plateaus – How to break through creative gridlocks or temporarily slumps.
11. Seasons – How to recognize when its time to pass a baton and move on.
12. Criticism – What to do when attacked and forgiveness doesn’t seem to work.

Leadership2Go is an online video course that teams can watch and discuss together. It’s a “growth plan” for leaders and their teams for one year.

If you and your team are interested, check out: We’ve made the price incredibly affordable… and the discussion you have may be priceless.


Hot Potatoes We Don’t Want to Touch