Happy Independence Day

Today we celebrate our past.

Independence Day is a remembrance of our ancestors that make up American history. Forefathers like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry and Benjamin Franklin sacrificed their lives to live out what they believed. They fought for American independence and won our freedom in the 18th century.

I join you in that celebration.

At the same time, I propose we become just as serious about celebrating our future and the young people who will succeed us, assuming the reigns of leadership from us. Do we care enough about our nation to become consumed with preparing for a great future? What if we celebrated the influence our kids are building; the gifts they are uncovering and the potential they are cultivating?

We celebrate our past today with fireworks and barbecues.

The best way we can celebrate our future?

It is by investing in students, who make up the future leaders of our nation and our world. By investing in them, we will secure good leadership for decades and even centuries to come.

We cannot choose our ancestors, but we can influence our descendants.

New Habitudes Course:
Social & Emotional Learning

Our Habitudes for Social & Emotional Learning curriculum uses memorable imagery, real-life stories and practical experiences to teach timeless skills in a way that is relevant to students today. Students are constantly using images to communicate via emojis, Instagram, and Snapchat. Why not utilize their favorite language to bridge the gap between learning and real-life application?

Habitudes for Social & Emotional Learning helps middle and high school students:

  • Develop habits of self-discipline and initiative
  • Implement time management skills to do what really counts
  • Plan for personal growth outside the classroom
  • Identify their unique strengths and passions for a healthy self-image
  • And many more social and emotional skills

Click on the link below today to learn more about Habitudes for Social & Emotional Learning!

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Happy Independence Day