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Habitudes Gamified

Now, with the power of technology and the internet, we're updating Habitudes to meet your connected students, right where they are. We call it HabitudesPlay.


HabitudesPlay allows your students and young teammates to experience an online, interactive version of Habitudes that ‘gamifies’ each lesson into exciting quests and activities. This new digital platform encourages your group to compete with one another while learning core leadership principles. HabitudesPlay also includes a built-in social network that encourages participants to develop emotional intelligence by rewarding them for motivating peers to develop essential leadership and life-skills.

Another valuable component in HabitudesPlay is specifically designed for facilitators. Each facilitator gains access to detailed analytics on how individuals are progressing, as well as how the group is doing as a whole. These analytics also give the facilitator access to their group’s responses to open questions, so they can have focused and relevant discussions on each leadership principle.

For the past decade, Habitudes has primarily existed as a curriculum of printed resources, including student workbooks, facilitator guides, and posters. A few years ago, however, we asked a question: What if we harnessed the technology young people are comfortable with – online gaming – to help them build leadership habits and attitudes? Out of this curiosity came HabitudesPlay.