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Habitudes® for American Heritage Girls

American Heritage Girls & Growing Leaders

The Growing Leaders team is excited to release Habitudes for American Heritage Girls, a brand new leadership development system that uses images, conversations, and experiences to teach Christ-like character and build leadership habits and attitudes in the emerging generation.

Student Workbooks & Facilitator Resources

The Art of Engaging the Leader Within


Designed specifically for AHG, this book will help your girls:

  • Develop strong character based on integrity and emotional security
  • Build habits of self-discipline and initiative to fulfill their God-given purpose
  • Cultivate a servant's heart for their family and community

The Art of the
AHG Creed


This new workbook helps the young women in your Troop:

  • Challenge themselves to better understand the AHG Creed
  • Build habits that will help them better find their God-given purpose
  • Develop practices that will build leadership and life-skills
  • Cultivate a servant’s heart for their Troop, their family and their community



Designed to be used in conjunction with the workbooks, these free resources will equip you with:

  • Videos
  • Presentations
  • Troop Leader Guides
  • Game Ideas
  • Movie Clip Ideas
  • And more...

Note from Founder & National Executive Director


From the moment of my first exposure to Habitudes, I dreamed that AHG girls everywhere would benefit from the curricula. Learning the qualities of Christ-centered leadership through pictures and relevant stories creates “sticky” learning and is part of the basis for AHG! I am looking forward to a bright future of girl leadership development in the AHG program thanks to our alliance with our friends at Growing Leaders.

Patti Garribay

Founder and National Executive Director
American Heritage Girls