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RA Training: Residence Life Training Themes & Lessons

Developing people skills and learning how to handle difficult conversations are vital aspects of resident advisor training in today’s society.

About Growing Leaders RA Training Themes & Ideas

Growing up in a world of screens, today’s students struggle to make face-to-face connections with their peers. So how do we give them soft skills training that sticks? That’s where Habitudes resident assistant training can help. Using one of our image-based Habitudes resources, your RA’s will learn the best way they can connect with and lead others and ultimately create a healthy dorm culture.

How Our Resident Assistant Training Ideas Work

Growing Leaders has two courses that we suggest for resident life staff seeking RA training ideas and themes: Habitudes: The Art of Connecting with Others or Habitudes: The Art of Leading Others. Both RA training courses use the power of images, conversations, and experiences to spark leadership discussions in weekly or bi-weekly RA meetings. Delivered in print or digital, either of these resident advisor training resources could be the perfect way for you to share timeless leadership principles with your RA’s through transformative conversations.

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