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3-Credit Leadership Course: Leadership for College Students

Leadership curriculum for college students that’s simple to teach and sticks in the mind of today’s student.

About Habitudes 3-Credit Course:
Habitudes for Building Student Leaders

After many requests, Growing Leaders converted our innovative Habitudes system into a leadership course for college credit. The Habitudes for Building Student Leaders course covers 31 fundamental and timeless leadership principles that every effective leader should understand. In a cross disciplined effort, your students will be challenged to live differently, and, through a project which forms the climax of this course, each student will be expected to teach one of the Habitude images during the semester.

How Our 3-Credit Leadership Course Works

This Habitudes leadership curriculum for college students will be delivered to you as a complete course kit. The course kit includes a set of lesson plans, powerpoint slides, and a suggested syllabus for a 3-credit leadership course, all based on the Habitudes® images. The curriculum was written with academic rigor suitable for an undergraduate course, complete with outcomes, case studies, textbooks and assignments. It can be used in classes that meet Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday.

Each Lesson Plan Includes:

  • Class Objectives and Outcomes
  • Creative Idea to Teach Each Principle
  • Suggested Movie Clips
  • Habitude Image
  • Trial By Fire Exercise
  • A Case Study
  • Discussion Questions
  • Personal Assessment
  • Assignment

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Based on a high volume of requests, we have taken the memorable images, and turned them into an academic course. What makes it unique is that it is designed to reach an EPIC generation: one that is Experiential, Participatory, Image-rich and Connected. The new and updated version of this course is now available as Habitudes for Building Student Leaders.