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Habitudes for Athletes
The Art of Navigating Transitions

Growing Leaders is proud to introduce Season 4 of Habitudes for Athletes — The Art of Navigating Transitions. This powerful new system features 12 leadership lessons specifically designed to help student athletes survive the tough transitions from high school to college and college to a career.



The leadership lessons from Season 4 are derived from the book Habitudes® for the Journey: The Art of Navigating Transitions, in which author Dr. Tim Elmore uses distinct images, conversations, and experiences to teach important life and leadership skills. The simple yet profound lessons from this book have now been retooled and enhanced to relate to student athletes.

Habitudes® for Athletes: The Art of Navigating Transitions helps your athletes:

  • Persevere in the midst of new settings and challenges
  • Make wise decisions that keep them on the team and out of trouble
  • Look forward to the future and let go of past failures
  • Remove damaging relationships and build healthy ones
  • Overcome disappointments in both sports and life

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What's Included

Season 4 of Habitudes for Athletes comes with:

  • Twelve 10-minute DVD sessions featuring Dr. Elmore teaching the 12 leadership lessons. Each includes interviews with athletes, examples of the Habitudes in action, and questions for group discussion.
  • A Facilitator Training video that teaches you how to effectively conduct leadership training with your athletes
  • An in-depth Coach’s Guide that complements the DVD sessions by providing learning objectives, creative exercises, movie clip suggestions, player assessments, and practical applications for the athletes’ lives.
  • Discounted bulk pricing on Habitudes for the Journey books