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Habitudes for Athletes
How it Works

Habitudes for Athletes has been molded into four unique video-based courses that coincide with an athletes's natural maturation during their sports career.



Each course contains a variety of resources to help you implement a leadership training environment, including video sessions with Dr. Tim Elmore, in-depth Coach’s Guides that complement the video sessions and provide exercises and activities for practical application, and a Facilitator Training video that teaches you how to effectively conduct leadership training with your athletes.

The Art of Self-Leadership


Season 1

In the first set of images from the system, student athletes learn how to lead themselves well by developing strong character, self-discipline, personal values, responsibility, initiative, self-esteem, time management, and a healthy support network.

The Art of Teamwork & Connecting with Teammates


Season 2

Themes covered in the second series of images teach practical ways for athletes to develop strong relationships with their teammates, resolve conflict, and create a team culture.

The Art of Leading Others and Changing Team Culture


Season 3

The third component of the program focuses on major leadership principles, including setting the vision for the team, setting goals, leading effective teams, handling criticism, and leveraging your influence to positively impact others on the team.

The Art of Navigating Transitions


Season 4

Images from the fourth series are specifically designed to give student-athletes tools to navigate the critical junctions of life. This includes handling transitions that occur as part of their sport, as well as those in life after school.