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Habitudes Experience


The Habitudes Experience is a portable, five-sensory conference held on a school campus or other onsite location.

It is a one-day experience that teaches leadership using images, video, music, interviews, interaction in process groups, dramatic sketches, games, and a debriefing time.

Target Audience

The target audience is two-fold:

  • Current leaders who need a spark to ignite their vision and tools to help them lead.
  • Potential leaders who need to catch a vision for the leader within them.


Students will..

Experience an unforgettable day which leaves them believing they can be effective leaders and passionate about fulfilling a leadership role.
Interact with each other over relevant leadership issues they can apply immediately.
Digest truths communicated in a variety of mediums: images on a screen, interviews with excellent leaders, dramatic sketches, video case studies, music, games, and lots of interaction.
Develop a game plan to continue growing as a leader.


The following elements are used in The Habitudes Experience:

  • IMAGES that drive home timeless leadership truths
  • DRAMA to illustrate both right and wrong methods of leadership
  • INTERVIEWS with real-life leaders who’ve experienced effective leadership
  • VIDEO and MOVIE CLIPS that provide case studies of the truths
  • INTERACTIVE GAMES that reinforce the leadership truths
  • MUSIC that guides them toward the life they were meant to live
  • PROCESS GROUPS for discussion of the leadership truths

If you are interested in learning more about how The Habitudes Experience can play a role in creating a leadership culture on your campus or organization, please click here.