Growing leaders, not just graduates

Every year in June for the past 5 years, Growing Leaders has hosted the National Leadership Forum in Atlanta, GA.

We intentionally designed the National Leadership Forum to be unique compared to any other conference or event.

Each year, we purpose to:

•  Select a specific theme for executive leaders, then stick to it
•  Allow several gifted and notable speakers to address the themeLimit the number of attendees so they can interact with the speakers
•  Enable those executive level attendees to meet and share best practices
•  Equip them to practice the theme in the most current and innovative ways.

It is, in reality, a forum. Interactive. Innovative. Inductive. Inspiring.

Last year’s National Leadership Forum was an incredible event. I wanted to share a few videos today from that event:

NLF 2011 Attendee Interviews from Growing Leaders on Vimeo.

NLF 2011 Highlight Video from Growing Leaders on Vimeo.

Our Theme for 2012: “Growing Leaders Not Just Graduates”

Leadership is a misunderstood buzzword in our culture today. Some love it. Some hate it. With so many opinions on what it means, there is one view almost everyone agrees with in schools, campus organizations, churches and universities:

There is a shortage of healthy, effective leaders among our supervisors, staff, and students. We need more and better leaders.

On June 28-29, 2012, we plan to host a conversation on how to cultivate leaders:

1.  How to spot and attract potential leaders
2.  How to develop leadership among staff teams
3.  How to build healthy leaders in your student body
4.  How to nurture a leadership culture in your organization
5.  How to ignite leaders naturally so that they flourish on your campus

We believe one great way to help students succeed is not merely targeting their graduation, but enabling them to see where they will flourish in life. When this happens, they naturally become people of influence…leaders in their own right. Graduation is a by-product of a student on their way to a meaningful life.

This is the perfect environment to bring your entire leadership team. The National Leadership Forum is great opportunity for your team to be inspired, refreshed, and exposed to new ideas. The smaller format of the Forum is specifically designed to encourage interaction with the speakers and other attendees.

Join us in this venture. Register now for the 2012 National Leadership Forum.

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Growing leaders, not just graduates