Great Mentoring Movies

Once in a while, I post a fun blog about something from our culture. Several days ago I wrote about some great leadership movies that have come out over the last three decades. Today, I want to list a dozen great movies on the topic of  “mentoring.” We believe young leaders will not be raised up through massive crowds at some conference, but through life-on-life mentoring relationships. In fact, we believe that “more time with less people equals greater impact on students.”  When I talk to young people, mentors are one of the hottest topics in their lives. Most long for helpful, healthy mentors to guide them from backpack to briefcase.

This list of movies doesn’t nearly scratch the surface, but I offer them to you and ask for those who read this to add to the list. There is a place for you to do so at the bottom of this page.

  1. Mr. Holland’s Opus                        7.  Star Wars (any from the series)
  2. The Guardian                                 8. Entrapment
  3. Finding Forrester                            9. The Karate Kid (any from the series)
  4. Take the Lead                               10. The King’s Speech
  5. Stand By Me                                 11. Music of the Heart
  6. The Freedom Writers                     12. Dead Poet’s Society

In my book, Life Giving Mentors, I suggest that mentoring is the oldest form of teaching or education in the world. Long before there were chalkboards and desks, someone from an older generation would invite a young person into an experience. This experience was called a “developmental relationship” or an apprenticeship. Rabbis chose young boys for study; blacksmith’s invited young men for training; father’s would even take their sons and teach them through on-the-job training. The key was not just the information, but the relationship. The connections made built a bridge to pass on a compass for life.  This is what students need from us today.

Let me know—do you know of any other movies to add to this list?

Great Mentoring Movies