Good Ideas are Contagious

Most of my readers are leaders. Most of you leaders work with students. Today’s blog post is especially important for young leaders to understand.

Good ideas are contagious. Like a sneeze or a cough, they can spread like a virus and ignite positive changes in unlikely, and even unrelated places. Let me explain.

You have probably heard of TOMS shoes. Blake McCloskey launched this company in 2006 with a central mission: For every pair of shoes they sold, they would donate a pair of shoes to a child in a developing nation that went barefoot. The vision was all about keeping kids healthy and educated, since kids cannot attend school without a pair of shoes on their feet.

The idea has worked. Since the launch of Tom’s Shoes, they have given away more than one million pairs of shoes. But that’s not all. Their influence has spread further. People in America now take a day and bare their “souls” to raise awareness of this need and other companies have begun their own campaigns for needs around the world. They’re following TOMS shoes example. Just check this out:

1. Sunlight Solar – These solar powered portable lights sell for $59. Since launching in 2006, 100,000 of them have been donated to Africa and South America.

2. Warby Parker – They make eyeglasses that sell for $95. Since launching in 2010, they have given away 20,000 specs in twenty five countries.

3. Roma Boots – They provide rain boots that cost $78. Since they began in 2010, they have donated 2,000 pairs of boots to kids in Romania.

4. Out of Print – These guys produce T-shirts of silkscreened literary classics. They cost $28. Since starting in January 2010, they shipped 70,000 actual books to Africa.

5. One World Futbol – They create soccer balls that sell for $40. For every ball bought, they send a ball to developing nations. They have given away 2,000 balls.

Let’s face it. Ideas inspire. Ideas can be good or bad. So, let me ask you a question. What ideas have you come up with that have ignited others to act?  What could you do to become contagious and inspire others today?

Let’s share some good ideas that will help other lead better.


Good Ideas are Contagious