Generation iY

Those of you who know me, recognize the title above. I’ve been calling the latter half of Generation Y (or the Millennials): iY for more than two years now. I do this because of the impact of the “I” world — the Internet world, full of iTunes, iPhones, iMacs, iMovies, iChat, iPods, and now iPads.

This new batch of kids, born since 1990 possess some different characteristics than their earlier counterparts. Due to the influence of technology, and a perfect storm of a half a dozen other cultural elements, these changes have taken place:

1. They are 40% less empathetic than earlier students.
2. They are twice as likely to not finish high school.
3. They are less altruistic and more self-absorbed.
4.They are postponing adulthood. 26 is the new 18.

In short, they represent millions of students, loaded with potential to positively influence the world, stalled in a prolonged adolescent state. As we work with just over 50,000 of these students every year, I see dormant gifts and amazing capacity; but it’s being used to merely get to a higher level on a video game or to post as many impressive photos on my Facebook profile. They seem to be the epitome of an adolescent: A person with high self-consciousness and low self-awareness.

Join us this Thursday and Friday if you can to talk about the research and the steps we must take to guide these Generation iY kids into adulthood and leadership. We will be hosting our eleventh annual National Leadership Forum on June 24th-25th in Atlanta, Georgia. Our theme: “Generation iY—Shaping the Students Born Since 1990. To check it out or register go to:

I’d love to see you there!


Generation iY