Fast Forward to Generation Z

National Leadership Forum 2017

Racing Toward the Future as Y Shifts to Z


Chrome. Vines. TBH. Likes. Snapchat. Memes. The world of Generation Z will evolve as they move from middle school to high school—to post-secondary education. Do you know how they think? Their vocabulary? Their values? Their vices and virtues? To teach them, we must earn their trust. And trust requires understanding.

Most Generation Z students we’ve interviewed believe the adults in their life have “no idea” what their life is like after midnight. (Hint—they’re often not sleeping). These students are different than Millennials, who grew up in a time of expansion. Generation Z has grown up in a time of recession. Their life is full of angst and data; of screens and multi-tasking. So how do we lead them? Is there a way to be both “timely” and “timeless” as we teach and train today’s student?

We’re planning an extraordinary line up of presenters and conversations that focus on planning and dreaming about the future. Come for valuable content—practical work-shopping—innovative ideas—inspiring examples.

Participants will gain:


  • An understanding of the trademarks of Generation Z.
  • An educated plan for pedagogy to connect with teens today.
  • Methods to enable students to practice metacognition as they learn.
  • Ideas for motivating the young, enabling them to cultivate aspirations.
  • Eight new practices that will prepare students for careers and leadership.
  • An understanding of how social emotional learning improves mental health and performance.
  • The single most important “app” the young need from their elders.
  • Ideas of how to leverage social media for good and for growth.
  • Six timeless principles this new generation needs to thrive as adults.

This will be a forum you’ll want to attend with your team. Don’t come alone. The ideas and insights could revolutionize a classroom, a department, a company, a team or an entire school. Join us to hear:

  • Dr. John C. Maxwell, Founder of the John Maxwell Co, and best-selling author.
  • Dr. Jean Twenge, Psychology professor and author of Generation Me.
  • Jason Russell, Founder of Invisible Children, President of Broomstick Engine.
  • Dr. Meria Carstarphen, Superintendent of Atlanta Public Schools.
  • Dr. Britt Andreatta – Author, Ted Talk Speaker and Certified  Coach.
  • Dr. Tim Elmore, President of Growing Leaders and best-selling author.
  • And many more presenters, labs and panels…

You’re Invited to the National Leadership Forum 2017
Fast Foward: Racing Towards the Future As Y Shifts to Z

When you attend the 2017 National Leadership Forum, you’ll get the key to…

  • Rediscovering the reason you began teaching or training young adults in the first place, with the tools to successfully stay refreshed throughout the year.
  • Mastering a teaching method that allows Generation Z to own their learning.
  • Enjoying a lasting connection with your students that compels them to give their best day in and day out.
  • Making Monday your favorite day of the week.
  • Preview where student engagement and education is heading in the future.

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Fast Forward to Generation Z