EntreLeadership Podcast—Highlights From the New Marching Off the Map Book

I was privileged to be interviewed for the Dave Ramsey “EntreLeadership Podcast” last month. Host Ken Coleman and I discussed the big ideas in my newest book, Marching Off the Map.

This is a book for any leader who cares deeply about the future—educators, employers, coaches, youth workers, and, of course, parents. It is a response to our research on the emerging generations, the Millennials, and now, Generation Z. Their’s will be a world we’ve never seen before. We are moving from the information age to the intelligence age, where our devices are smart, our homes are smart, our cars are smart, our clothes are smart…and almost any entertainment experience we have will be smart. At first, this appears to be all good news. And I believe it will, indeed, be an exciting world. But our smart world is progressing faster than we can civilize it. The book not only explores the future but how we can prepare today’s kids to flourish in it emotionally, intellectually, and morally.

I encourage you to fasten your seatbelt and listen to this podcast.

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Our new book is now available! Leading today’s students often feels like being in a new country with old maps that don’t work. Understanding and connecting with the generation in this land is often times frustrating and draining. We need new strategies on how to march off our old maps and create new ones.

From decades of research and hands-on experience, Dr. Tim Elmore and Andrew McPeak collate their conclusions into one resource that helps adults:

  • Inspire students to own their education and their future
  • Lead students from an attitude of apathy to one of passion through metacognition
  • Enable students to push back from the constant digital distractions and practice mindfulness
  • Raise kids who make healthy progress, both emotionally and mentally, through their teenage years
  • Give students the tools to handle the complexities of an ever-changing world
  • Understand and practically apply the latest research on Generation Z

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EntreLeadership Podcast—Highlights From the New Marching Off the Map Book