Embrace Insomnia – Awaken Your Dream

Today’s post is a guest blog by Jacob Ouellette. I have known Jacob and his wife, Hannah, for many years and appreciate them so much!  Jacob & Hannah’s specialty is bringing innovation and creativity into the culture of youth ministry. They are the youth pastors of Ignited Student Ministries at Cornerstone Church in Highland, MI. Their youth ministry has grown from a small youth group into a powerful youth movement. Nationally, Jacob & Hannah are heading up a youth leadership training tour with Teen Mania Ministries that is travelling the country.

Embrace Insomnia

We all start off with the desire to chase after the dreams in our heart, but somewhere along the way we settle into the safe, comfortable and predictable. We should be doing something so big that it takes our breath away and so significant that we lose sleep at night. The trade-offs for a little less sleep would be a deep satisfaction that you are chasing what you really want, working with a team that is inspired and highly motivated, and leading a life with few or no regrets. Your team desperately wants to be a part of something great. I want to propose a few ideas on how to kick-start the things that really matter and maybe even a little insomnia.

1. Awaken the dream

The things that you really want to do in life may be buried deep. They may be beneath a few years of to-do lists and the things you felt you had to do. Take a minute right now and write down what will haunt you if you don’t at least attempt it.

2. The sixth day

If you are not working in your dream job you will have to maximize the sixth day. Most Americans work five days and rest two. You will have to spend a few hours once a week and put a plan behind your dreams. Protect this time and say no to the things that tend to fill our days. This will not feel like work, but rather the most fulfilling time of your week. If you are being productive on the sixth day, your family will love the new you; full of purpose, joy and excitement about life.

3. Stop thinking and start doing

I had always wanted to start a conference for leaders who impact the next generation. I was told that it wouldn’t work and that I should wait until I am a “big name”. There was even a time when someone I looked up to laughed at me about this idea. About 5 years ago I couldn’t take it anymore and I knew if I didn’t try I would regret it the rest of my life. I stepped out and started the conference that has since impacted thousands of emerging leaders.

The place where the most potential lies is in a cemetery. Many people can dream and think up great ideas, but it is those who put action behind their dreams that achieve great things. Begin this week to start working on those dreams and incredible ideas. Don’t let one more week go by.

Bottom-line: I am not advocating a life of sleeplessness and insanity, but rather not being afraid of the pressure, risk and effort of doing what really matters in life. The life you have dreamed of is waiting for you. So let’s look insomnia in the face and say… “I am not afraid of you. Bring it on!”

What other practical steps can bring dreams to reality?

Growing Leaders created Flourish to help students discover the life they were meant to live. This faith-based resource guides students through a four-part process to uncover their unique talents and develop a game plan to bring their dreams to reality. For more information, visit the Flourish website.

Embrace Insomnia - Awaken Your Dream