Dumping Our Excuses

Last week, I read an international story that stopped me in my tracks. In fact, when I read about the leadership of one, single college student in China…I stopped complaining for the rest of the week. I am hopeful…that I will find it impossible to complain ever again.


It’s the story of a severely disabled young girl who’s refused to make excuses for not growing and learning. She’s become a model for everyone in her country. CNN reported her story.

Tsang Tsz-Kwan is blind, severely hearing impaired, and has limited sensitivity in her fingers. She tried to use her fingers to read in Braille, but she just couldn’t make out the letters. Instead of giving up on reading, however, the 20-year-old from Hong Kong has taught herself how to read Braille with her lips.

The story doesn’t end there. She has met great success — Tsang scored within the top 5 percent of almost all of her subjects in Hong Kong’s college entrance examination, CNN reports. Because of her disabilities, she could have opted not to take the tests, according to the South China Morning Post. But she decided that wasn’t an option. She will not make excuses for herself.

“I have to accept I’m disadvantaged … I decided to take the challenge whatever the results,” she told the newspaper. “I think the most important thing is the courage to face the challenge.

“The inconveniences and limitations [my impairments] bring will follow me my whole life,” Tsang told CNN. “And I must have the courage to face the facts … I’m going to treasure what I still have.”

So…what’s your excuse for not achieving?


Dumping Our Excuses