Doing Life Well

Just got off a plane in California for the holidays.

During the flight, I watched a movie I had wanted to see for months. It was called: Post Graduate. It’s about a recent college graduate who’s navigating her way through the early months following her graduation into the real world. It’s a dilemma so many young adults are facing right now. The job market, the role of family, identifying strengths and passions, managing time and expectations, where friends fit in, et all.

Toward the end of the story, this young budding graduate makes a discovery. It’s summarized in a conversation she has with a friend: what you do with your life is only half of what it’s all about. The other half—is who you do it with.

At Growing Leaders, I have given my life to helping young leaders discover who they are—what gifts and passions lie inside of them, so they can positively influence the world in the most strategic way. But, this little statement from the movie stopped me in my tracks. I believe it from the bottom of my heart.

So, in this holiday season, as we celebrate the birth of Christ and the closing of a year, I just want to say: I love who I am doing my life with.

I love the team I serve alongside—I love Holly, and Andrea, and Gabe, and Chloe and Sarah and Doug and Lance. They make it all happen. I love our cadre of speakers who carry our message. I love our board of directors who provide wisdom and encouragement each year. I love our partners, who lead schools, non-profits, churches and companies. I love our donors who generously give so we can pursue our mission to those who need it most, but cannot afford it. And, I love my family, who support me along the way, and believe in the mission of Growing Leaders.

I am looking forward to resting before the dawn of a new year. I can hardly wait, because I love what I do, and I love who I am doing it with.

Merry Christmas!


Doing Life Well