Confessions of a Ghost Writer…for Students


I know, I know. You’ve heard many times already about how kids are finding ways to cheat in school today; ways we never could even imagine when we are kids.

But may I introduce an actual person who makes a living at helping kids cheat?

His pseudonym is Ed Dante. He is a paid ghostwriter who gets requests to write papers for them (for a class) via a website and then an email. Students will write in requests like this one: “You did me business ethics proposal for me I need proposal got approved pls can you will write me paper?”

There are three basic types of students who enlist his services.

  • Many of his requests are from international students.
  • Many are from hopelessly deficient students.
  • Then, many are from kids who grew up right here in the good ole’ USA and they have the money to pay for someone to do their schoolwork for them. They’re just lazy and lack ethics.

Ed says that over the last year, he’s written roughly 5,000 pages of scholarly literature, most on very tight deadlines. He’s written for a master’s degree in cognitive psychology, a PhD in sociology and even some postgraduate credits in international diplomacy. Now, here’s the clincher: Ed has actually ghost written:

  1. Legal briefs and lab reports.
  2. Military strategy assessments.
  3. Even papers on academic integrity.

Wow! Talk about hypocrisy. Ed says he’s been commissioned to write many a passionate condemnation of America’s moral decay as exemplified by abortion, gay marriage and the like. I guess plagiarism didn’t make the list. Nursing majors make up a huge portion of his clients, but the worst is…can you guess? Education majors.

Hmmm. What are they thinking?

Today, a number of websites can be found to obtain such a paper. Students can visit a website and punch in the topic of their paper, how many pages it must be, how many sources must be cited and even the gist of its big idea. Within days, bingo! A paper is sent to the student to be turned in under their name to receive a grade.

Get ready. This kind of education produces graduates who:

  • Value pragmatism over principles. There is no moral compass to guide them.
  • Believe laziness trumps the value of labor. Work ethic is in decline.
  • Think speed and convenience are more important than delaying gratification.

I understand the temptation to cheat, as I remember my early years as a kid school. Sadly, we now live a world full of anonymous, electronic ghostwriters ALONGSIDE of a world of adults who’ve not modeled the value of absolute ethics and morals. Sadly, it has produced a new industry called electronic ghostwriters.

Talk to me. What will our world look like if these students become our leaders?

Confessions of a Ghost Writer…for Students