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 Coaches Compass Tool Kit


A Message for Coaches

We know things are difficult right now and we are committed to helping you lead so that your student-athletes can flourish rather than flounder. Why? Because Growing Leaders is a non-profit organization that exists to empower the emerging generations with skills to lead in real life. We have helped thousands of coaches across the country connect, engage, and develop their athletes into resilient, self-aware, emotionally intelligent men and women who make wise decisions in and out of competition. If you are a coach who desires to grow leaders, not just athletes, we can help you. Our research-based programming gives you everything you need to grow leaders. We believe that you, the coach, are the key to growing the next generation of leaders. And with so many hurting across the country, we feel it is the right thing for us to give away our world-class tools to help you lead in a time where your leadership is needed more than ever. We’re in this together. Now let’s go grow some leaders.

Why the Coaches Compass Tool Kit?

A GPS or Google Maps will be helpful only if you are on paved roads. If you are entering new areas, you need a compass that shows you true north. Similarly, Coaches need to utilize values and principles to provide the most clarity, direction, and hope during this time of uncertainty and anxiety. Leaders are most needed when things go wrong, and as the coach and leader of your team, your biggest competitive advantage during COVID-19 is your ability to lead your student-athletes so that they can flourish instead of flounder.

What You Get with the Tool Kit

This Complimentary Tool Kit gives you and your coaching staff access to the tools you need to facilitate 5 Critical Conversations with your team. For every conversation, you’ll receive:

  • A complete meeting agenda 
  • Creative, simple virtual activities to best engage team
  • Short leadership videos to set up each critical conversation 
  • Google Slide Deck to keep you and your team on track

The Five Critical Conversations

Using Growing Leaders’ research-based program, Habitudes, you’ll get access to 5 Habitudes over a 5 week period:

1. Pop Quiz: When COVID-19 is just a story. What will your story be? Live Now
2. Drivers or Passengers: Where will your motivation come from? Live Now
3. Fountains or Drains: Gratitude beats entitlement every time. Live Now
4. Emotional Fuel: The people around you will fuel you. Seek positive fuel. Live Now
5. Hosts and Guests: Take initiative to connect and grow with others. Live Now

How It Will Help

These 5 conversations will help you provide direction, clarity, and hope for your team. They will also help you shift your athletes' mindsets from:

  • Entitlement to gratitude
  • Ego to “we” go 
  • Short term to long term
  • External locus of control to internal locus of control
  • Being a victim of their circumstances to being the victor over their circumstances


“The research behind this program provides incredible insight for any student.”
- Joe Castiglione, Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics Programs and Director of Athletics, University of Oklahoma

“Growing Leaders understands student-athletes. They also understand what our role is in leading and shaping this next generation of leaders… Growing Leaders provides the insight we all need.”
- Gene Smith, VP and Director of Athletics, The Ohio State University

“Growing Leaders has transformed our culture. Their leadership programming and trainings have given us a taxonomy and common language throughout our entire athletic department. We use them every year for our athletes and our coaches. I can’t recommend them enough.”
- Wendell Staton, Athletic Director, Georgia College

Access the Coaches Compass Tool Kit

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