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Thank You for Entering the
Growing Leaders Christmas Giveaway

Thank you for filling out the form to be entered to win a Free Christmas Gift Book Bundle. Two people will be selected to WIN one bundle each. The winners will be announced via email after the December 9th deadline.

As a contestant, you now also have access to our Free eBook "Stressed Out: Five Research-Based Methods to Help Teens Beat Stress and Anxiety." Below is a link where you can click to read through it.

Click here to view the free eBook - Stressed Out.

Additionally, every contest is subscribed to Dr. Tim Elmore's blog on leading the next generation. You can expect to receive new blog posts emailed directly to you three days a week. If you'd like to look through some of the blogs posts already out, you can click on the link below.

Click here to view Dr. Tim Elmore's blog.

Thank you for leading the next generation and have a Merry Christmas!