Is Cheating Normal Now?

I recognize I have blogged before about students, teachers and cheating in schools.  It has reached an all-time high. I suppose the lingering question I have at this point is: is cheating simply the “norm” today? Do we just expect it to happen?


According to U.S. News and World Report:

* 80% of “high-achieving” high school students admit to cheating.

* 51% of high school students did not believe cheating was wrong.

* 95% of cheating high school students said they had not been detected.

* Almost 85% of college students said cheating is necessary to get ahead.

* 75% of college students admitted cheating, and 90% of college students didn’t believe cheaters would be caught.

Instead of downloading more data (if you want the stats on cheating, see my past blogs about it), today I’d like to hear from you.

Do we need to adjust our expectations? Are students entering a world where cheating in some form will be normal and therefore, we must simply help them limit it or use it to their advantage?

Talk to me.


Is Cheating Normal Now?