Changes With Every Generation

I am sure you’ve noticed something as I have. Every generation of adults look behind them (at the kids), and are sure they are the “worst” bunch of rebels our world has ever seen. Socrates, thousands of years ago wrote of the misguided youth in Greece and was sure they were “good for nothing.”

But I have noticed something else, as I’ve studied the newest batch of students, the ones I call Generation iY. (They are the kids born since 1990, the second half of Generation Y.) I have noticed the very negative elements we spot in them, we are guilty of, at least at some level. With each generation, changes take place. There are patterns to be observed that leaders should take note of today. For instance, I have noticed…

1. With each new generation, time becomes more valuable.
2. With each new generation, expectations of convenience and service rise.
3. With each new generation, the demand for work to have meaning intensifies.
4. With each new generation, the hunger for options grows.
5. With each new generation, the sense of entitlement increases.
6. With each new generation, the need for speed and space goes up.
7. With each new generation, the desire for customization expands.

In my newest book, Generation iY: Our Last Chance to Save Their Future, I talk about these trends and what we must do about them as adults.

Let me ask you… Have you noticed these trends above?


Changes With Every Generation