Last month, I enjoyed hearing best-selling author Daniel Pink at our RoundTable for Principals in Atlanta. Dan shared some highlights from his newest book, “When,” which is all about the science behind the best ways to leverage our time. Part of his session was about when we (and our kids) take time to play. Fred Rogers, from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, once said,

In June, a movie was released in select theaters across the country: “Won't You Be My Neighbor?” It was a well-done documentary on the life and career of Fred Rogers, the man who hosted the show we came to know as kids—Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. My entire family enjoyed the inside story of how this person caught his vision to impart

Earlier this year, a firestorm erupted between guardians of “free speech” and those who are trying to safeguard inclusive language. I’d like to hear your thoughts. A handful of students from Syracuse fraternity “Theta Tau” held a private “roast” this past semester. They lambasted others who were not present, in a frolicking party that got recorded and posted on Facebook. Doubtless

Today we celebrate our past. Independence Day is a remembrance of our ancestors that make up American history. Forefathers like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry and Benjamin Franklin sacrificed their lives to live out what they believed. They fought for American independence and won our freedom in the 18th century. I join you in that celebration. At the same time, I propose we

Did you hear the recent news, just announced on June 5th? The Miss America pageant is making some changes to its competition. It’s something people have been talking about for decades and now—it’s finally happening. For the first time in almost a century, contestants are not required to strut across a runway in their bathing suits. While swimsuits will still be

According to Common Sense Media, 50% of teens say they are addicted to their cell phone. While CSM concludes more study is needed to determine how deep the digital addiction is, teens feel the symptoms and consequences of it. It’s a growing issue in middle class America. Two-thirds of parents, 66%, feel their teens spend too much time on their mobile device. Phones have

Parents, teachers, coaches, youth workers and employers are all attempting to figure out the “new normal” that kids experience in a world of “pings” and “rings” from their phone. It seems we are all still attempting to civilize this portable device. Let’s dig into it. Should We Monitor Kids’ Use of Social Media? Parents differ on their opinions about whether to check

Not long ago, my teammate, Cody Braun, told me about the strategy the Philadelphia 76ers have used to get to where they are today. Years ago, they began playing for the future—not so much for the moment. They sacrificed wins at the time, losing many games during those seasons to earn a higher pick in the NBA draft. In other

Reports have surfaced recently that some universities are disbanding “outdoor clubs” that have been going on for nearly a century. Why? They are too unsafe. For a century, these student-led outdoor clubs have enabled college students to get outside for hiking, biking, fishing and climbing. Today, however, all of these activities just seem…well, too risky. University officials from one of the schools, Penn

The latest research on young people, those 20 and younger, reveals some insights into the mindset of teenagers. One that may surprise you—while teens today love to engage with social media—they love their privacy too. Even more than you do. One of the top ten patterns spotted in the Social Media Trends 2018 Report is vividly illustrated by all the aliases

So how do you know if your teen is experiencing genuine symptoms of anxiety or depression, or if they’re simply, well…uh…a teenager. Adolescents have always shown symptoms of moodiness because of the hormone changes taking place, due to the life station they’re in. They can be emotional, withdrawn or even act out. Often, these are just signs of the times.

I know high school and college educators who penalized students for participating in the “walkout” on March 14th. I also have teacher-friends who walked out with those students and then discussed the implications of such protests and demonstrations in a civics class. Both of these educators have reasons for their choices. Some gave suspensions or detentions to high school students,

It’s stunning to remember what the world looked like fifteen years ago. It was in 2003, I launched “Growing Leaders”–a not-for-profit that partners with schools and organizations to resource them in building emerging leaders who are ready for life. Reflect on 2003. The Internet was only about 10 years old and some still wondered if it was a fad. Here is

While on a flight home from California, I watched the movie, “Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri.” It’s an award-winning film about a hurting woman who takes on the local police, who’ve failed to locate the criminal who’s assaulted and murdered her daughter. In the midst of the story, viewers discover why she’s really upset over the tragedy. On the

Did you know that today’s teen leaders and inventors are part of a long line of young entrepreneurs throughout history? Believe it or not, many of the world’s most incredible minds started displaying their brilliance very young, coming up with television, telephones and trampolines, as well as braille, calculators, popsicles and ear muffs—all before their 20th birthdays. So, how do we mentor such “out of the box” young people,

Even though they’re no longer a couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie both recently confirmed they put safety measures on the Internet to provide boundaries for their children. They definitely plan to keep watch on their social media use as their children age. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently suggested he wouldn’t want his nephew on a social network. Years ago, Apple

Even though they’re no longer a couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie both recently confirmed they put safety measures on the Internet to provide boundaries for their children. They definitely plan to keep watch on their social media use as they age. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently suggested he wouldn’t want his nephew on a social network. Years ago, Apple Founder

I recently returned from a leadership training event that included both students and staff/faculty at Texas Tech. This campus is full of incredibly smart individuals and high performing coaches and athletes. Like other universities, however, it’s a place of high pressure to make the grade, make the team and make the most of opportunities. It was while I was there I

Technology has always impacted the way we do life, but I’m not sure if we recognize just how it’s changed us along the way. Whenever new gadgets or devices enter our daily life there is usually an upside and a downside. In the century following the Civil War, a handful of technologies revolutionized our existence. Consider some examples: The light

Today, we hear from Andrew McPeak. Andrew is a next gen researcher, speaker, and author for Growing Leaders.  A study released in Jan 2018 by Barna Research Group reveals that Generation Z is more emotionally affected by the perils of social media than other generations who are also online. Utilizing a quantitative survey of 1,490 nationally representative students—ages 13 to 18 across the US—researchers

Today, we hear from Andrew McPeak. Andrew is a next gen researcher, speaker, and author for Growing Leaders.  A recent article from the National Education Association explored the question of whether or not digital reading is equal to reading in print. Their findings were quite telling. “While digital reading ‘is part and parcel of living and learning in the 21st century,’ […] educators should still

I’ve noticed a missing word in our vocabulary for a decade now. I rarely hear the word “moderation.” Instead, I see both students and adults becoming addicted to technology, including everyday devices like phones, tablets or video games. Believe it or not, students in our recent focus groups readily admitted to an addiction to both their phones and to social

For years, we’ve heard journalists, educators and employers tell us that our youngest generation in America could be called a “snowflake generation.” Why? Because so many of these kids have been raised in a delicate, soft environment, protected from life’s harsh realities and responsibilities. Some even wrote that we’ve coddled them, protecting them with “bubble wrap.” Wikipedia reminds us, “The term

Today, we hear from Andrew McPeak. Andrew is a next gen researcher, speaker, and author for Growing Leaders. In 2011 George Desdunes, a 19-year-old sophomore student at Cornell University was awakened in the middle of the night—gagged, bound, and taken. As a pledging member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, he probably expected something like this to happen, but no one expected what happened next. Late

I’ll never forget September of 2001. President George W. Bush attempted to help Americans deal with the horrific terrorist attacks in New York and Washington D.C. In his remarks, he said we must prepare ourselves for a “new normal.” By this term, he meant that what is common and routine; what’s becoming normal for our daily lives will be different. And

As this year comes to an end, I thought it might be helpful to talk to you about finding a mentor. For you, a mentor might mean reconnecting with a person you feel is ahead of you in their career and nudging you to take a new step. For your students, this discussion might be helpful as they pursue growth

We live in a funny and unique day. On the whole, Americans have never enjoyed so much “stuff.” We have more possessions and live in a more materialistic era than at any point in the last century. At the same time, we are less happy than in past days. Go figure. I’ve written earlier about teen’s unhappiness globally. Studies show teens

Just a brief post to wish you a very, merry Christmas holiday season and to challenge you to consider doing something new this year. For centuries, Christmas has been a time for giving gifts, spending time with loved ones and taking time off. Regardless of your background, most of you perpetuate the ritual of cherishing the people nearest you by giving

I recently read a short story from Lynn Thibodeau, a mother of an eight-year-old son. Her husband had given her some beauty products last Christmas and she was about wash off one of the facial masks, when her son walked into the bathroom and asked what she was doing. She explained to him: “It was a present from your daddy

Did you know that among young teens, suicide attempts and emergency room visits have dramatically increased over the last eight years? In fact, girls committing self-harm has tripled since 2009. While overdosing on medication was most common among girls, self-inflicted injuries with sharp and blunt objects also increased during the study period. This data was released recently by the U.S.