It's hard to believe Michael Jackson is gone. It's all we heard about this week. His songs are played on the radio, his biography is told on news programs and he's being emulated in karaoke bars around the world. I grew up with Michael Jackson. That is to say--I didn't know him but we are about the same age. I was

I can't believe it. I just did something that two years ago I said I would never do. I twittered. Yep. I got my son, Jonathan, to help me set up an account and I twittered. Believe it or not, the first twitter I replied to, at his request, was actor Hugh Jackman. He was having a little contest and

I've been thinking lately.  The more I travel and teach students, the more I can see that the way males learn is just different than females. Now, don't get me wrong. Both genders are growing up today in a new day, impacted by iTunes, iPhones, iMovies, iChat, iPods, etc. All young people seem to be permanently connected to each no matter