But I Don’t Want to Be Responsible!

A Snapshot of What’s Happening in Our Culture Today

The news just broke on TV.

Billionaire, Donald Bren, is being sued for back support by his two children, David and Christie. At first, it appears to be another “dead beat dad” story. Donald is now 78 and said in court that he doesn’t feel responsible to do any more for them. He said he wasn’t married to their mother, he never told her he loved her and that they really weren’t a family. Wow. Pretty sour words if you ask me.

Looking closer, however, the story gets better. Or worse as the case may be. The two children were given $9 million dollars by Bren already. Neither of them are minors. They are adults. This all happened back in the 1980s. Because dad is a billionaire, however, they want more.

Donald Bren is ranked #16 on Forbes list of richest people in America. Just to provide some perspective, Oprah didn’t even make the top 100, ranking #141. So what are they asking for? An award to the tune of $143 million dollars. That would be $400,000 a month for their entire lives.

I’m sorry. I have a few questions. First, who are the children here? Both parties sound like they don’t want to be responsible for themselves. Donald Bren wanted to enjoy the perks of a relationship without the price. The two offspring seem to feel entitled to more, not because they need it, but because they can get it. They don’t want to work and be responsible for their own lives either.

I may sound like a broken record — but whenever we want autonomy without responsibility, we are immature. Whenever we want the perks without the price, we are immature. Whenever we feel entitled to something without demonstrating we are ready for it, we are immature.

I’m don’t like this picture of America right now. It doesn’t represent our heritage of responsibility and dependability. Sadly, I can’t find any “grown ups” in this story.

Question for you: Where has our sense of responsibility gone?


But I Don’t Want to Be Responsible!