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  1. Klais Surik on December 20, 2020 at 3:18 pm

    Oh I understand, I had the same problem myself, I remember, but nothing, I coped and had no problems with it. It’s just that when it was really cold in the winter, the battery just froze and lost power. The car just stopped and that was it. In the middle of the road, good thing I did not have an accident, since there was very little traffic. But I started to search in the network at once, what to do with it and how to get out. Otherwise, it could have been there and frozen to death)) well though I managed to find this article just about why the car can shake . It happens, but there has been a solution for a long time.Here just told you how you can fix it even if the problem has already happened. Of course for the top motorists can already known betterhaks, but I was still a student and of course it really saved me. Although I have a friend who has been driving for 4 years and did not know that this is possible because these tips will be useful for everyone, in my opinion.

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