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What Leaders Get Paid To Do

Over the years, it has been my pleasure to get to know Tami Heim. Tami is a stellar woman — who has served in executive leadership positions for years. While she’s earned a reputation for quality leadership as an executive with federated department stores, and as the Chief Publishing Officer at Thomas Nelson Publishers. You may know her as the former president of Borders Books, a chain of bookstores that thrived under her leadership. She would never say this, but I can. Tami led a major turnaround at Borders years ago when the company, quite frankly, was in trouble. In this short video blog, I interviewed Tami and asked her what she thought, and what she felt and what she did in those days when Borders was in steep decline.

If you’re a leader, you will appreciate Tami’s heart and mind, as she shares the audacious moves she made leading companies out of survival mode. In such times, baby steps won’t cut it. Leaders must take risks and engineer major changes on their team. She made a tough call, but that’s what leaders get paid to do.



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What Leaders Get Paid To Do