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Three Facts You Need to Know to Connect with Generation Z

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Generation Z–as with any generation–is living in a new “narrative.” In today’s world, kids are growing up in a time that is both exhilarating and frightening for them. This is causing changes that can be difficult to understand. In fact, they are so different from older generations that parents and…

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Signs of the Times from the College Entrance Scandal

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn What can the latest college entrance scandal tell us about the shift in parenting today? Tim Elmore and Andrew McPeak discuss the four parenting trends they have observed on today’s podcast. Resources: 12 Huge Mistakes Parent Can Avoid Contact: [email protected] Social: @GrowingLeaders, @TimElmore and @AndrewMcPeak 0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn

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The Great Need for Social & Emotional Learning

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Emotional intelligence in students has become a front and center issue for so many educators across America. Any student struggling with anxiety or depression will benefit from what educators now describe as: Social Emotional Learning or S.E.L. This topic is taking the K-12 educational world by storm, as a growing number of…

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Best Practices to Engage Your Student Athletes

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn The Director of Student Athlete Development at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Chris Everett, is interviewed by Growing Leaders’ Director of Strategic Partnership, JT Thoms. Chris Everett shares about his past experiences of being a student athlete and his role in the development of current student athletes. Enjoy…

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Four Lessons We Learn From Gabby Douglas

2shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Her moment was both unbelievable and overwhelming. Gabby Douglas became the first African-American to win the Olympic all-round gold medal in gymnastics. It is the most coveted title in her sport…and she did it at sixteen years old. Gabby Douglas belongs to Generation iY. In a world where her peers…

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Waiting For Superman

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Another critical movie was released over the weekend. It’s a movie I recommend everyone see — especially if you care about kids and the future of American education. It’s called: “Waiting For Superman.” It’s the documentary everyone’s talking about. It tells a gripping story about the state of public school…

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