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The Gardner’s Job

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn One of the Habitudes in our series is called, “The Gardener’s Job.” It simply reminds leaders that in the same way a gardener understands her primary job is to cultivate the soil and grow the plants in her garden, leaders must see their primary job as growing the people under…

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Student Engagement, Student Success (Part I)

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Last year I had an invigorating day with faculty at a university near Dallas. During our time together, we discussed two themes that preoccupy school administrators as much as any: 1. Student Engagement 2. Student Success In our morning session, one instructor shared a note he’d recently received from a…

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Generation iY

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Those of you who know me, recognize the title above. I’ve been calling the latter half of Generation Y (or the Millennials): iY for more than two years now. I do this because of the impact of the “I” world — the Internet world, full of iTunes, iPhones, iMacs, iMovies,…

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