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Video Post: Interview with Coach Kris Hogan

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn A few weeks ago, a story made its way across America about a small, private school football team in Grapevine, Texas that did something very unusual. They were scheduled to play a juvenile detention center in football, Gainesville State School the next Friday. They knew that those young inmates would…

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Building Young Leaders in the Strangest Places

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn I have been very encouraged over the last five days. Our team, at Growing Leaders, had the privilege of meeting with and/or training leaders in five professional baseball clubs: The Atlanta Braves, The Pittsburgh Pirates, the Kansas City Royals, the San Francisco Giants and the Cleveland Indians. Because I have…

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Learning from Egyptian Leaders — When Is It Time to Go?

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn For quite some time now, Egyptian protestors have demanded their president, Hosni Mubarak, step down from office. Recently, the White House has joined the protestors in this request. Hmmm. I’d hate to be President Mubarak. This situation begs the question: When is it time for a leader to step down?…

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Leadership Lessons From the Uproar in Egypt

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn I assume you’ve been watching the news lately. David Kirkpatrick, reporting in the New York Times from Cairo wrote, “Last Thursday, a small group of Internet-savvy young political organizers gathered in the Cairo home of an associate of Mohamed ElBaradei, the diplomat and Nobel laureate. They had come to plot…

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