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The Gardner’s Job

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn One of the Habitudes in our series is called, “The Gardener’s Job.” It simply reminds leaders that in the same way a gardener understands her primary job is to cultivate the soil and grow the plants in her garden, leaders must see their primary job as growing the people under…

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Why Bullying is Hot Again and What You Can Do

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn I have worked with students for thirty years. I distinctly remember when bullying became a topic of discussion across the American education landscape. It was around 1995, the same time social scientists began to measure bullying on the school campus. The issue of “no bullies” became vogue for a while.…

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The Youth Population is Doing “Swell”

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn I just read the numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau. The population of kids worldwide from birth to college age is 2,987,230,232. In case this number represents too many digits for you — that’s nearly three billion people. It’s about half of the world’s population. There is a worldwide swelling…

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Duck Hunting


3shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn   One of the Habitudes I included in Book Three of our series is an image called: Duck Hunting. It illustrates one of the most important truths leaders must embrace. I want you to imagine something. Pretend you have a friend who just returned from a hunting trip. It was…

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