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The Gardner’s Job

One of the Habitudes in our series is called, “The Gardener’s Job.” It simply reminds leaders that in the same way a gardener understands her primary job is to cultivate the soil and grow the plants in her garden, leaders must see their primary job as growing the people under their care. It isn’t just…

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Will They Grow Up? (Part II)

Yesterday, I started a list of ideas adults can use to help teens and young adults grow up. Our society, which used to be part of the solution — is now part of the problem in why these kids stall and fail to mature until their late twenties. These twenty-somethings have gone through our school…

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Victims Don’t Share

Do you mind if I vent a little, as long as I offer some value by the time I’m through? Last week, I walked into the Dekalb County Courthouse to pay a traffic citation. I had been driving 68 in a 55 mph freeway. I don’t fancy visiting courthouses, but I tried to pay my…

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Are You a Parent or a Commander?

From time-to-time, I reflect in my blog posts about leadership and parenting styles I see today. At times, the styles we choose (by default or design) are damaging. One kind I’ve seen recently is a style I’d call: “Commando Parent.” Have you seen them? Commando Parents They have been around for centuries and often are…

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The Youth Population is Doing “Swell”

I just read the numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau. The population of kids worldwide from birth to college age is 2,987,230,232. In case this number represents too many digits for you — that’s nearly three billion people. It’s about half of the world’s population. There is a worldwide swelling of young people. In China…

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Still More Ideas to Equip Generation iY

This week, I am drilling down on practical ideas you can use to equip Generation Y (or the students I call Generation iY who have been born since 1990). I have a couple more suggestions below to add to our list… 5. Help them to focus. Generation Y often becomes fuzzy because they scatter themselves…

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A Superficial World


Below is word number four in my series of six words that describe the world in which our kids are growing up. I am hopeful we, adults, can lead them well, but there’ll be changes we must make to prepare them to enter the world of adults. Below is my latest entry. See what you…

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Duck Hunting


  One of the Habitudes I included in Book Three of our series is an image called: Duck Hunting. It illustrates one of the most important truths leaders must embrace. I want you to imagine something. Pretend you have a friend who just returned from a hunting trip. It was his very first duck hunt.…

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