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Life-Giving Cultures with Dave Katz

0shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tim Elmore interviews President and COO of Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Dave Katz. Tim and Dave talk about the components of a healthy life-giving culture, the importance of core values and how to best apply these in your own work environments. Dave Katz is one of the featured speakers for…

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Rebelling Against Low Expectations

0shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Follow @TimElmore Five years ago, I read a book by two teenagers named Alex and Brett Harris. Maybe you read it too—it was called Do Hard Things. It challenged their peers to not settle into the lifestyle of a typical high school or college student, getting lost in selfies,…

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What is it About Twenty-Somethings?

0shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Last week, the New York Times ran an article called, “What is it About Twenty-Somethings?” It was a treatment of the rising population who are aptly called “emerging adults” by author Jeffrey Jensen Arnett. You can find the article here on lemondrop. The article cleverly shares 10 clues that…

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