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Pushing the Pause Button

I’m sure you’ve read it before. The month we call January was derived from the Greek god, Janus. If you saw a statue of Janus, you’d noticed he had two heads: one that could look behind him, and one that looked ahead.

photo credit: quinn.anya via photopin cc

photo credit: quinn.anya via photopin cc


This is what I believe January was meant to be. A time to look. I believe each of us should push the “pause button” and reflect. During that reflection, it’s helpful to push the “rewind” button, where you take some time alone and reflect on this past year—what you accomplished, what your most fulfilling moments were and what goals didn’t get reached. Then, I recommend you take some time to push the “fast forward” button. Look ahead into 2014—asking yourself what your targets are for this year. Yesterday, I blogged about what I do at the end of each year. Tomorrow, I will be blogging about what I do at the beginning of each year as well.

Then, push “play.”

Every January, I am reminded of the old, Italian custom that still takes place in some small Italian towns to this day at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. At twelve o’clock, folks will throw open their front door or raise their windows and toss out onto the streets any possession that carries with it a bad memory. It’s true. People will discard books, old food, garments, photos, magazines, spouses…(just kidding on that one). Seriously, however, these people visually shout to everyone in that town: I am chucking this old thing and starting over. Out with the old, and in with the new.

To do this…we first must push the pause button.

May this be our mindset in 2014.


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Pushing the Pause Button