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Three Ideas to Handle Conflict on Social Media

Leading the Next Generation with Tim Elmore
Three Ideas to Handle Conflict on Social Media

We are now living in a world where uncivil remarks and rude behavior are normal to see on social media. Unwillingness to allow a decision to stand if we disagree with it, dying on every hill, or feeling like our views must be voiced are just a few other ways this plays out online. Far sooner than most of us are mature enough to handle it, we’ve been given a platform to voice our thoughts on every issue imaginable. In this episode, Tim Elmore and Andrew McPeak share three metaphors that serve as guidelines for you to discuss with your students as they build their personal brand and their own platform on social media. These ideas will help them discover how to maturely handle conflict in the world of social media.

Resource: Habitudes for Social & Emotional Learning
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