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How SEL Can Accelerate Maturity in Students

Leading the Next Generation with Tim Elmore
Leading the Next Generation with Tim Elmore
How SEL Can Accelerate Maturity in Students

Over a decade ago, we began to hypothesize about a trait we were observing in high school and college students. After researching the reasons for this we came up with a term – artificial maturity. Artificial maturity is the result of kids being over-exposed to information earlier than they are ready and kids being under-exposed to first-hand experiences later than they are ready. As a result of these two realities, students are now facing strong cultural headwinds that have stunted their social and emotional development. In this episode, Tim Elmore and Andrew McPeak discuss how social and emotional learning can be the best tool to accelerate maturity in today’s students.

Resources: Artificial Maturity & Habitudes for Social & Emotional Learning
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