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Podcast # 4: A Missing Step in Today’s Parenting Path

In the last episode of the Growing Leaders Podcast, we discussed the relationship between teens and technology. In today’s episode, we are looking at a missing step in today’s parenting path.

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Episode Summary

We not only have a new generation of kids, but also a new generation of parents.

If there is ever a struggle of a child growing up in a healthy way, it’s generally when one of two extremes takes place:

  • Abandonment – haven’t done enough for them.
  • Abundance – have done too much for them.

Six Fundamental Stages of Parenting

1. Inspecting

  • Parent’s examine their new baby (features, traits, strengths, etc)
  • Too much inspecting can push parents to compare and compete with other families.

2. Correcting

  • A parents’ natural bent to remedy any problems that arise in the first year or two. (rectifying all wrongs/improving traits)
  • Too much correcting can make a young child feel as though they don’t measure up to parent’s standards

3. Protecting

  • Parents are protecting the investment.
  • Too much protecting can stunt a child’s growth. Kids need to experience appropriate levels of risk and failure in order to mature.
  • A lot of times, we’ve done better at protecting than preparing.

4. Neglecting

  • Kids have entered their “tween” or even teen years and begin to feel like aliens around the house. (Parents don’t quite know what to do with their “new” kid)
  • Too much neglecting communicates parents aren’t engaged.

5. Suspecting

  • In adolescence, parents begin to get suspicious over the secrecy or strange new habits and styles in their kids.
  • This kind of suspicion can breed distrust (Communication is key)

6. Resurrecting

  • As the child enters college or shows signs of wanting to separate from mom and dad’s leadership, parents seek to resurrect the relationship, at any cost.
  • Just like teaching them to ride a bike, parents must blend support and letting go.

Missing Step?


  • I believe we have under-challenged kids with meaningful work to accomplish.
  • Children 100 years ago had age-appropriate chores at young ages.

Habitudes that help

  1. Compass or GPS – teach our kids how to think, not what to think
  2. Bridge, not a wall – teaching kids to take calculated risks
  3. Tank half-full/half-empty – raise contributors, not just consumers.


What topic would you like for us to address on the next episode of the Growing Leaders Podcast? Leave a comment below.

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Podcast # 4: A Missing Step in Today's Parenting Path